Tips for beginners to practice indoor golf

Some experienced some people studied indoor golf scores is a large gap, any a campaign is a practice makes perfect indoor golf is no exception, as indoor golf beginners, often at the beginning of the beginners by doing a lot of indoor golf swing and learning the experience of predecessors experience to improve their technology, to master the advanced, from an indoor golf rookie turned out to be a veteran, these players are generally for more or less formal game, has a sense of tension, this can lead to the disorder of the game. Therefore, here are three things to tell indoor golf beginners to do.


Check the preparation for indoor golf before teeing off.

1. After setting the court mode and before launching the ball, note that the force of the ball actually comes from the delay. When the two hands guide the club down, the speed is converted into strength by delaying the shot. This is what veterans call slow on the pole and fast on the bottom.

2.Whether the hands are in the correct position and the shoulder position is high enough and straight to ensure that there is enough space to pass the ball when hitting the ball.

Grip preparation posture is the most important foundation.

1. Standing on the tee, don’t think about the consequences of the ball flying into the grass. Keep your mind focused and don’t get distracted. Even if you don’t play well, it’s nothing, just a game.

2. It can make the swing more powerful and gain an advantage in distance.


The only thing you have to think about on the tee is where should you let the ball go.

1. Don’t wrap your body 100% when you kick off, only 90% or so is enough. Swing radius needs to be controlled.

2. Since you have chosen the tee wood (no. 1 wood) to tee off, you are already full of confidence and there is no need to take risks.

3. It is very smart to retain some power to control your shots. Hitting the ball in a controlled range ensures balance, which is one of the keys to controlling power.

4. The real hitting power comes from smooth turns, good balance and rhythm. The rest is left to the Angle of the golf face, the Angle of the ground and the clubface. In this way, you can successfully complete a normal indoor golf action. As for how to play accurately, how to read the knowledge of indoor golf, caddies will help you.

Post time: Aug-03-2020