Learning to rotate training can increase the driving distance

Hitting power is something that players feel is important. Every golf coach struggles with how to increase the power of his tee shot because his cadets keep asking the same question: How do you increase the distance? It’s easy to understand. Who doesn’t want to increase their power and their range?


The back swing is also a factor that can increase the power of the swing. When we talk about golf hitting distance, the most often talked about is the head speed of the golf swing, but maybe there is a misunderstanding here: because hitting distance is the result of the cooperation of club head speed and body strength. When talking about the mechanism of golf hitting, we often talk about the body’s rotation and the characteristics of its motion mechanics. In the end, it is undoubtedly returned to the club head hitting speed. The second factor that is related to physical strength is still related to the body-that is how the body’s ability to increase strength in a short time. Simply put, if the body can provide more power to make the club head move faster, this will undoubtedly increase the club head speed.


In order to increase the strength, what we must do is to make the rotation of the body more reasonable during the upswing and downswing. In other words, the body needs more torque. Torque is the result of a combination of flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. How to achieve this effect? We can do strength training. One of the exercises for developing twisting ability is the lateral movement of the knee bent. This is a good training method for developing hips and waist.

The training method is as follows:

Lie down on your back, stretch your arms, bend your knees to 90° and bring your legs together. At this time, your body will have a certain amount of pressure. Under controllable conditions, turn your legs to the right and continue to work hard to turn to the right while keeping your arms Do not leave the ground. Then stop for a second, and switch exercises 15 to 25 times in the left and right directions. In this exercise, maintaining technique is very important, because if the movement is not in place, then the meaning of practicing turning is lost.

Strength practice is the most important factor in a golf swing. In order to increase hitting power, you must exercise balance, coordination, and increase physical strength. However, there are often such people who blindly pursue physical strength training regardless of their lack of balance and coordination, and as a result, the strength training cannot receive the desired effect. If trained properly, knee-bent lateral movement can increase your hitting power and swing balance. Of course, based on this alone, we cannot guarantee that the ball you hit can fly far and straight.

Post time: Aug-24-2020