During coronavirus: Play golf ball with the 7 Points

Some may call it recklessness, some may call it normality. In the days of covid-19, there are still some people continue to venture out of their homes and play their favorite event–golf.

2 pc golf ball

Although some people think play golf is still safe, they can be in the outdoor with bright sunshine,and people are scattered on more than 100 acres of turf, others want to know why some people risk infection just to play the sport. But for those people who insist on playing as usual, the game provides wonderful pastime to bring them out of the bad situation.

With the reopening of golf courses across the country, golfers will be required to make adjustments. Here’s an 7-point list that allows you to keep personal safe without missing a step.

No.1 Put on a mask


Now please relax. No one will let you wear the mask when you play (Although we should realize that we have tried, this is really not a problem, unless you wear glasses, it will fog). But many courses insist that you should cover up when you are around the club and any other places you may interact with employees.

No.2 Bring your own H20


This may be something you should always do. Now you have more reasons to do it. In order to reduce potential contact points, drinking stations were eliminated . Fill a bottle water at home and put it in a bag.


No.3 Extra is a good idea(TEE and Golf Ball)


It’s not a good time to borrow a tee from a partner or be a scrounger for the broken ball on the ground. So take one more before you go to course(we know your daily necessities are buried in a closet or drawer). When you’re doing it, put in an extra sleeve of golf balls.


3 pc golf ball

No.4 Ride along or just Walk


Some golfers sitting in a golf cart together. In this case, sitting alone in the cart is better than two golfers sitting in the cart. It may not be a big problem in a private club where many members have their own cars. In some courses where private carts are not allowed, it may be difficult for each golfer to have a single cart. Some courses may not offer options. Try to drive the idea through these courses. Or walk may not be a bad idea.


No.5 Personal disinfectant

Now most places are pretty good about cleaning and scrubbing the surface, including the golf course. But now, it’s better to be overly safe than to apologize. Bring your own disinfectant wipes to clean the steering wheel, the buckles that hold the clubs, even the handles and other surfaces of your golf cart. Keep your hands clean, maybe with gloves, or wash your hands two or three times during the game.



No.6 Leave the flagstick in


When the force of the game changed the rules and allowed the flagstick to stay in the hole, when the player putts with some outrage. Now, it could be a precaution for the course. Grab the flagstick, put it on the ground, or hold it when someone puts it, almost every four balls, which means many people are touching the flagstick. When your team members are putting shot, you just need to leave it in the hole, which is one thing you don’t worry about in the prevention work of the day.



No.7 Stop celebration

This is common on most golf courses. Someone in a long push or hit a great close shot of green and have a high five around. Or in a two ball game, a partner makes a key putt and a partner hugs the player. At the end of the round cap, of course, each of the four people shakes hands. It’s all part of golf, but it had better to avoid being part of golf in the time of coronavirus. It’s possible to play 18 holes and never touch other players.

Post time: Jun-03-2020