Do you know what to do when playing golf in summer?

As a fashionable and elegant sport, golf is always an indescribable pleasure between the swings, whether it is relaxation or business negotiation. However, in summer, as a group of four players, each game should be more than 4 hours, so it is particularly important to play in the hot summer to beat the heat. So how can you avoid heatstroke by playing golf in summer? Here are some practical lessons for you.


1.Bring enough drinks to prevent dehydration
When playing in the scorching heat, drinking a lot of drinks is very important. Facing high temperature for 5 hours is harmful to you. You need to consume 3 to 4 liters of water to maintain normal body temperature levels. Drinking only a small can of drink is not enough, so it is best to bring enough water when playing in high temperature.


2.Soak a towel and wrap it around the inside of your shirt
Find a long and narrow towel soaked in cold water, around the inside of the shirt. Maybe you only left the last 9 holes, so you have to soak the towel once in a few hours. If the heat is unbearable, you can soak the towel in the water barrier in a hurry.

3.Have more pairs of gloves to prevent your hands from slipping during sweating
In hot weather, when it rains, you need more gloves. Your hands will get wet and slippery as you sweat, so keep a few pairs of dry gloves in your plastic in case you need them.

4.Wear a hat for maximum heat dissipation
Most of the heat in your body is emitted from the top of your head, so it is best to wear a professional hat; even a hat that can deflate the top of the head is useless to us. Of course, for people with thin hair, it is best to buy some kind of hat to prevent the scalp from being burned by the sun. At this time, it is best to choose a hat that can deflate the top of the head.

5.Apply sunscreen to exposed parts of the body   
To prevent sunburn, apply sunscreen to your face, back of your neck, legs (if wearing shorts), and exposed arms. If you don’t apply it, you will regret not applying sunscreen after a round of golf.

6.Take an umbrella with you to block out the sun between shots
Most of them came off with umbrellas on their bags. It’s also wise to open an umbrella in between shots to keep out the sun. In addition, according to the rules of golf, you can ask a partner to help you shade when putting.


7.Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from burns
When facing the sun, sunglasses can help you hit the ball up and even find it in the long grass. It’s better to have glasses that prevent harsh light, that surround your eyes, that prevent dust and harsh light from getting into your eyes.

8.Wear light-colored clothes can deflect heat
White or light blue shirts can deflect heat. Black or dark blue shirts will leave sweat on your back and chest. Be careful not to wear a yellow shirt, as it will attract flies. Don’t ask me why; let’s recall that when you pulled the yellow flag out of the hole, many flies flew around the flagpole.

Post time: Jul-06-2020